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Diaper Accessories 

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A merino wool liner which provides extra protection in the ‘wet-zone’ for wool covers or any other.

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These super soft bamboo terry cloths make luxurious and absorbent reusable wipes or face cloths for mealtime.

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These Snappi diaper fasteners allow you to fasten prefolds or flat diapers to your baby.

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100% pure essential oil.

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ULRICH Liquid Gallsoap to combat heavy stains like grease, starch and protein.

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ULRICH Delicate Liquid detergent for all fine fabrics.

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100% pure lanolin. Great for wool treatment.

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Thicker than the Bamboo ones, these cellulose paper liners are great for dealing with newborn poo – and can still be flushed down the toilet.

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Free of additives, enzymes, fragrance, GMOs, and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

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