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Puppi wool covers

We make them of merino wool which is known for its tenderness against the skin (and that's why it is usually used for baby clothing). A cover is ready for use right after purchase. It just may be washed with lukewarm water containing a small dose of wool-washing agent.

One of wool's features is antimicrobial, which makes it a most hygienic material that does not need frequent washing.

It is bacteria and unpleasant smells resistant. Lanoline contained in wool fibres breaks urine into salts and water, which evaporates very easily since wool has an ability to remove moisture outside the fiber. This alone makes woolen covers very hygienic and so they don't need to be washed as often as PUL diapers . Similarly to woolen clothes, covers should be aired after use. Because wool partially absorbs moisture, the inner layer of a cover that's been used is a bit damp, but after half-an-hour drying it will be ready to be used again.

Tips for wool wash and care:

After a diaper change the inner of the cover will be slightly damp so you should always change it to a new one and hang it to air-dry. It will have no smell at all when dry – this means there are no bacteria growing in the fibers. You can use it again when it's dry.

If the cover is very wet and you can easily see dark wet areas it might mean it's time to re-laniloize. Wash the cover first in a lukewarm water with an addition of wool shampoo and let it fully dry. For much faster drying you can squizee the cover rolling it in a towel. Prepare a wool treatment and soak a dry cover in it for up to 3 or 4 hours.

If the cover is soiled:

  • Simply get rid of the breast fed baby poo with a Spray Pal or any other  special shower or bidet head that allows water to come out under a high pressure

  • Throw the solid into the toilet and try to get rid of the remaining wasre using a spray pal. If necessary, soak first in a lukewarm water and then spray the waste away with high pressure water.  No squizzing or rubbing is recommended.

Absorbent inserts and fitted diapers

All our inserts and fitted diapers are made of natural fabrics, so before they get the proper degree of absorbency, they should be washed and dried a few times before their first use. 

Natural fibers contain plant oils that are not completely removed during production process in the factory. So, before you use a diaper for the first time, we recommend to prepare it by washing and drying it several times. While washing, any baby clothes washing powder may be used, but do not apply any softening liquids, except for the ones exaclty designed for diaper washing. Any other substances may grease fibers, which results in reduced absorbency.

An universal manual of washing diapers

  1.  After use put a wet insert into a bucket/diaper pail. If it's soiled, first remove the waste into the toilet and then rinse it with Spray Pal/strong stream of cold water

  2. Put all inserts and fitted diapers into washing machine and set up the washing temperature on 60 Celsius (140 F) degrees. Do not apply reduced quantity of washing powder unless you keep observing a lot of foam during the washing process. It is the only sign that you may require less of powder.

  3. Start with a prerinse or preliminary wash, and only after that begin the main one. That will keep the diapers from degeneraion resulting from ammonia buildup and they will not ever require any additional cleaning