"Coral Pink" SIO V3 Merino Wool Cover OS+

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"Coral Pink" SIO V2 Merino Wool Cover OS+

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Wool cover - 100%natural and delicate merino wool. One Size Plus. Handmade in the EU.

Data sheet

Compositions 100% merino wool
Size One Size Plus (9-18 kg)/(19,5-39,5 lbs)

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Puppi one-size plus diaper covers are made of two layers of extremely soft and thin merino wool flannel. The wool comes from Australian Merino sheep.

Colorful snaps and decorative stitching make this diaper a conversation piece. The leg elastics are soft yet very stretchy, which allows for a trim fit on virtually every child. Once lanolised, these covers hold moisture very effectively. Wool is an extremely versatile fabric for cloth diapering-- it is breathable, temperature regulating (perfect for both cold and hot days), soft, and naturally antibacterial. Lanolin breaks down urine into salts and water, so it does not need to be washed as often as PUL diapers. Simply hang to dry between uses. However, a special washing and re-lanolising procedure is necessary on wash day.

These covers may be used with any insert or prefold diapers. They are designed to use with PUPPI fitted diapers or a similar trim low rise diapers as well as with any insert of your choice.

Most babies need no more than 4 or 5 diaper covers.

  • 100% merino wool
  • Wool produced and sewn in Poland
  • handmade
  • 10-18 kg
  • Requires lanolin

Washing instructions: 

  • hand or machine washing on "Wool program" using agents meant for wool cleaning
  • washing and rinsing temperature should be as equal as possible
  • if soiled with stains that cannot be easily cleaned, use an appropriate stain remover for wool clothes. Should a need arise, rub gently with your fingers rather than with a cloth itself
  • do not use soap

Each PUPPI Merino Wool Cover comes with a precise washing instructions.

All neccessary wool care agents you may find in our shop under the "Diaper accessories" category.


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"Coral Pink" SIO V3 Merino Wool Cover OS+

"Coral Pink" SIO V3 Merino Wool Cover OS+

Wool cover - 100%natural and delicate merino wool. One Size Plus. Handmade in the EU.