"Ice Cream" Pocket Fitted Diaper

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"Ice Cream" fitted pocket diaper

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Nice and trim bamboo velour pocket fitteddiaper.

Data sheet

Compositions 70% bamboo 28% organic cotton 2% polyester
Size One Size (5-17 kg/ 11-37 lbs)

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PUPPI fitted pocket diapers give you a possibility to adjust the absorbency suitable to your babys current needs. We sew them from a certified bamboo velour with an addition of organic cotton and only 2% of polyester. An admixture of polyester gives them delicate elasticity and this makes a diaper very easy to fit on your child.

The shape of our fitteds is a result of many months of testing and adjusting based on the experience of our customers and our own. This fitted will be the best choice if you are looking for a no-leaks solution for night or any other time when you may need higher absorbency. Combined with one of our extremely absorbent inserts you'll get a comfortable and slim diaper for a newborn, breast fed baby or super-absorbent diaper for a toddlrer.

Our pocket fitted diapers consist of two layers of buttery soft Oeko-Tex bamboo velour. Colorful snaps placed symetrically make it much easier to fit it on a baby. The leg and back elastics are soft and stretchy, which allows for a trim fit on virtually every child. They will be comfortable even after many hours of wearing.

This diaper requires a water-proof cover. For babies around 9+ kg we recommend our One Size Plus wool covers. These are much more trim and comfortable than traditional heavily boosted night options, and they dry extremely quickly.

- antiallergic and antiseptic propertis of bamboo velour prevent diaper rash

- it says soft even after many washing cycles
- soft elastics
- pocket-design makes it easy to combine with most types of inserts
- adjustable absorbency

Good to know:

- whisk away before air-drying


- Do not tumble dry diapers with velcro closure




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"Ice Cream" Pocket Fitted Diaper

"Ice Cream" Pocket Fitted Diaper

Nice and trim bamboo velour pocket fitteddiaper.

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